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Ideational meaning, or some linguist called experiential meaning is the meaning that expresses the experience or the idea of someone on producing text. Ideational meaning is one of three metafunction in Systemic Functional Linguistic Study. Ideational meaning realized by transitivity in the clause. Transitivity involves processes, participants and circumtances. Ideational meaning represents an experience of the writer or the speaker of some text, that’s why Ideational meaning also called clause as representation. Many people recognize this Ideational meaning to analyze the clauses. In this research, the writer will use Ideational meaning terms to analyze HIV AIDS slogans. HIV AIDS epidemic is a huge case around the world. Many organizations and people use a slogan to convey some messages or to advertize some information, including HIV AIDS case. This preliminary research has a finding that HIV AIDS slogans has 50% material process, 38% relational process, 6% mental process, 6% verbal process.

Keyword: Ideational meaning, transitivity, HIV AIDS slogan

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