Article Proccessing Charge

Article Processing Charge (APC)

The Journal of Civics and Social Studies is an open-access journal committed to providing unrestricted access to high-quality research for readers worldwide. To cover the costs associated with the publication process, we charge an Article Processing Charge (APC) for accepted manuscripts.

APC Details

  1. APC Amount

    • The APC for each accepted manuscript is Rp. 300.000,- (regular) and Rp.500.000,- (fast track).
  2. What the APC Covers

    • Peer Review: Managing the peer review process, including reviewer coordination and editorial decision-making.
    • Editing and Formatting: Professional copyediting, typesetting, and formatting of the manuscript to ensure it meets the journal’s standards.
    • Production: Production of the final published article in both HTML and PDF formats.
    • Hosting and Maintenance: Maintaining the online platform, ensuring the article is accessible, and preserving digital archives.
    • Indexing and Archiving: Submitting articles to indexing and abstracting services and ensuring long-term archiving and preservation.
    • Promotion and Dissemination: Promoting the article through various channels to maximize visibility and impact.
  3. Payment Process

    • Invoice: Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, the corresponding author will receive an invoice for the APC.
    • Payment Methods: bank transfer a.n Dr. Tetep.
    • Payment Deadline: The APC must be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice. The manuscript will not be published until the APC is received.
  4. Refund Policy

    • Full Refund: If an error occurs on the part of the journal (e.g., publishing an article in error), a full refund of the APC will be provided.
    • No Refund: APCs are non-refundable once the article has been published.